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Game Info

1985 published by Psygnosis

Game type:  Adventure
System:  Amiga OCS
(Game ID: 18854)  (Last update: 9/7/2002 3:57:38 PM)


The legendary Bandersnatch, the "megagame" for the Spectrum, that never was, finally saw the light of day in this title.

This was a very difficult game to control. Once you had the contols down though this game was great. The first game I ever knew of that allowed you complete freedom, while other characters continued on in the background. You can go around and kill everyone (except one character and the robots are supposed to be replaced...
I can't remember if that actually happens or not). Anyway, I love this game still. It was also available on the Atari ST.

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Rate: 7.5
Number of votes: 2

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