The games that time forgot

This page lists Sinclair ZX Spectrum games which were unpublished or games which only got as far as the prototype stage or storyboard! I'd like to thank Stephen Smith, Stuart Campbell and Alessandro Grussu for some of the information and scans contained in this page. There is also this document which you may find interesting!!




Bandersnatch was Imagine's new "mega-game" costing 30 when completed, which was to include a hardware add-on. The game was far from being complete when the company went bust. A new company called Finchspeed was set-up after Imagine folded which sold the rights to the game to Sinclair Research Ltd. A complete working version was then developed for the QL before Finchspeed folded. The directors Dave Lawson and Ian Heatherington then formed Psygnosis and the game was later released for the Amiga/ST as Brataccas.