There is a cast of characters in Brataccas, approximately 60 in all,
although some of these characters are clones in appearance,
they are not identical in personality.

You -- Our Hero

Your name is KYNE. Your dress is alien. Forced to wear the
cumbersome helmet of the newly arrived earthman on
Brataccas, who is as yet un-acclimatized to the peculiar semi-
pressurized atmosphere. Armed only with a simple sword (for
percussive energy-based weapons are banned to protect the
atmospheric integrity of the Brataccas environment) you are
free to do as you wish and go where you will. Initially, to almost
all the other characters you are an unknown quantity and your
presence on the asteroid is a secret; it is up to you when you
choose to reveal you identity, you will be asked . . . . . . . .

The Snitches

Gossip is their trade and their habitat is the bars and
entertainment areas. Each is instantly recognizable as an
individual. Lean this well for some are friendly, some are not.
For a list of those who will/will not, might/might not, do/do not,
have/have not betray/betrayed/about to betray you would you
now please turn to page 27.

The Bar Owners

They remain behind their respective bars and serve drinks and
gossip all day. They will readily take information from snitches
and sell/pass it on to the police or henchmen when it suits them.
One of them knows your true identity from your earth days . . . .
make sure he does not recognize you when there are other
people about. To find out which barman this is, please turn to
page 27 of this booklet.

The Policemen

All Asteroid Belt Policemen (ABP) look alike. They all carry
sword and are generally nasty. They don't seem to like anybody
or anything. Their leader is Commander Stopp. They are never
corrupt . . . . are they?, they therefore are very, very unlikely to
respond to bribery.

Commander Stopp

Horribly disfigured in a space laser fight. He now finds it
necessary to move around the asteroid in his custom built
'hoverdish'. With his red beard and bald head he is an obvious
character He is the chief of police, he is also the man who . . . .

The Guard Droids

The droids are mechanical robots which hover about. Their only
task is to protect the official areas of the asteroid. They will seek
out intruders and check that such intruders are carrying valid
passes. They will destroy anybody who is trespassing. If a droid
is killed in action another will be sent to take over that droid's duties.

The Bureaucrats

The next 5 characters perform official duties.

Asteroid Administrator

Police Dispatcher

Droid Dispatcher

Comms controller

Tannoy operator

He administers the asteroid.

He dispatches the police.

He dispatches the droids.

He controls the comms.

He operates the tannoys.

Illuminating stuff eh . . . . A further explanation of their duties
and what will happen if you kill them is contained on page 27 of
this booklet.

The Henchmen

They are the servants of the evil Kol Worpt. They can be seen
going about their business of collecting information and
protection money or simply enjoying themselves in the bars.
They have their informers. They are probably as good as you are
at sword fighting so do not challenge them lightly. When one of
them, easily identifiable from the table on page 27, has collected
his protection money from the 'person giving it to him' he will
take it to 'the person he is taking it to', he does this on a fairly
regular basis (BIG HINT).


Lash is Kol Worpt's hired assassin. He is a creature of habit. His
habit is killing people. He is easily identified by his green skin and
reptilian appearance. His speech also is sssssslurred. He issssss by any meassssssure a sssslimey character. This hissssssing is
normally heard just before yo die. He is an expert swordsman
and should be challenged only when you are feeling lucky. You
should also bear in mind that his alien skin is as tough as the blade
of your sword, so fighting him is pointless, just run for cover.

Kol Worpt

A truly evil being. Easily identifiable in his white suit beautifully
cut around his gross frame. This small bald arch villain to stop
at nothing to keep his secrets safe. You are advised though to
allow him to live for he alone does not have the information you
need. For details of the other person/persons holding information please turn to page 27 of this booklet.